Friday, May 13

The Trailblazers: Beverly and Dereck Joubert

Remember the couple I was alluding to in the previous posts?
Here they are, in all their glory.

They are filmmakers, photographers, writers and conservationists replete with numerous awards and recognition for their outstanding work. Currently working for National Geographic, the Jouberts specialize in the animals in Africa and operate out of Botswana, working the most with big cats. In turn, the two have founded The Big Cats Initiative:
which works through creating fences for livestock, educating the locals, and monitoring the predator management of the locals. They support local schools and parks as well!

I HIGHLY recommend watching their TedTalk video:

Learn more at:

The talent doesn't stop there; Beverly is known for her unique and spectacular photography:

Here is Legadema, their baby.

Recently, they launched their film The Last Lions and if you simply view the trailer online, National Geographic will donate 10 cents to The Big Cats Initiative.

"...Against all odds, she will rise once more..."

Among the most haunting of lines...I somehow feel that it doesn't just pertain to Ma Di Tau, the lioness of the film.

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